Do You Need Some Basic Tips On Roulette? Read This!

It isn’t a secret that people always want to earn money without making some extra effort. But how it is possible to do that? Many decide to gamble. Roulette, for its simplicity and broad distribution, is certainly one of the preferred gambling games. We must admit that it isn’t so easy to make money though. To do that, like for any other task you are called to accomplish in your life, you must have some kind of strategy. We call it simply roulette strategy. Today, we are here to help you earn more money by telling you some basic roulette strategies we have used and perfected for years.

1. Definitely something we need to tell you about the roulette is that we advice you to play European Roulette more than American, because American roulette have one number more (00), thus your chances to win are lower than on the European one.

2. First thing you can do is definitely to try some free roulette games and watch a few spins of the wheel. It is good for you to see how the game works and how the wheel is spinning and the bets are placed. You can also see some statistics and understand whether the ball stops more on red or black numbers, more on odds or evens etc. That can really help you to decide your next bet.

3. If you are at a live casino roulette table, but even if you are playing online, you can use a roulette scorecard to track the numbers and identify patterns and eventually device some possible betting strategies.

4. After you watch a few rounds, you can even be already able to set your own roulette strategy. The most important one is definitely the one which tells you that you must pay special attention to how much money you’re willing to bet as a whole. You must decide it before you start and when you reach that number, you mustn’t go over it. If you start winning, you need to take your money immediately, not just add it on some other bet.

5. If you want to play it safe, you need to stick your bets on the options outside the main rectangle with numbers. Of course, your winning will be smaller, but you’re going to have way more chances than playing on individual numbers.

6. If the luck isn’t on your side, you may want to follow the famous “Martingale roulette strategy” and double up your bets each round. Pay attention that your losses may accrue very fast though.

7. We’ve saved the most fascinating roulette strategy for the end. That is definitely the “James Bond roulette strategy“. It is simple, easy and it can give you some profit. The system involves betting a total of $200. You distribute it like this: $10 on zero, $50 on the six numbers (13-18) and $140 on the high numbers (19-36).

We must mention that of course you decide to use this roulette strategy at your own risk, we are here just to give you some hints and tell you the famous and most useful strategies. So, be safe, responsible, and bet safe and above all enjoy the game for what it is.

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